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7 Best Telescope Cases of 2024; Reviews

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If you’re looking for the best telescope case for your scope that will keep it in “like new” condition indefinitely, then you’ve landed on the right page.

If you travel a lot with your telescope, either on a plane, train, or in a car, having a case that comfortably stores your telescope is a must.

This article is a comprehensive review of the best telescope cases that are more than capable to keep your optical instrument safe and prevent any damage while you’re traveling with it.

After selecting the case for your telescope from this article, make sure that you check out my other article that talks about how to travel with a telescope.

Best Telescope Cases

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Best Telescope Cases - Reviews

1. Celestron Telescope Case for 4/5/6" NexStar Models

This one of the best telescope cases from Celestron is designed to protect OTA tubes that are the size of Celestron’s Nexstar 8 inch OTA tube and lower. 

The case’s internal dimensions come in at 48.26 x 27.94 x 25.40 cm therefore, as long your telescope’s size falls within this it should theoretically be able to hold the OTA tube of the telescope.

The flexible EVA molded plastic shell is durable enough to protect the telescope from light impact yet lightweight enough for easy transportation. 

The case capacity is large enough to accommodate a 4, 5, or 6″ NexStar series telescope from Celestron, or their 8″ SCT/Edge HD optical tube.

A zippered interior storage pocket and two nylon carrying straps make this case useful for telescope transportation and storage.

Inside the case, you’ll find 2 dense foam spacers (approximately 30mm) and a built-in compression strap that can be used to adjust to the size of a catadioptric or smaller refractor telescope.

2. Orion Padded Telescope Case

This is a rugged, soft custom case to fit just about every telescope. This one of the best telescope carry bags is even fully padded on all sides to provide maximum protection of your telescope. 

The 46″x13.5″x18.5″ Orion Padded Telescope Case provides a convenient means for transporting and storing your telescope. 

It’ll stay cleaner and last longer, free of dings and scrapes. It’s made of heavy, water-resistant polyester/nylon material with padding sewn into the inner lining. 

A full-length zipper in the front allows easy access to store and remove your telescope from the bag. 

The handle straps are comfortable and fit nicely in the hand. 

The bag is comfortable to carry, it can withstand some bumps and bruises, and it is more space-efficient than boxy hard cases, This telescope case is a smart buy for any telescope owner. It even comes with a one-year limited warranty.

3. Celestron Small/Medium Tripod Soft Case - 34"

This soft, padded case from Celestron is the ideal way to store and transport your precious telescope. 

It is manufactured from durable, foam-lined polyester PVC, ensuring that your gear will not get rattled around when you bring it with you on your next stargazing expedition. 

Use the 34″ long Celestron Soft Tripod Bag to safely carry your telescope(depending on compatibility), to your observation site. Its exterior nylon material protects it from weather and the padded interior protects it from impacts.

Transport your bag one of two ways: via the pair of sewn-in handles or the optional clip-in padded shoulder strap for hands-free carrying. 

It even has an external accessory pocket for your eyepiece, adapters, and power packs along with the sewn-on fabric loops on the outside of the bag if you want to clip even more accessories to the exterior of the case.

Remember to check the Celestron website for a full compatibility guide to see if your tripod will fit.

4. Celestron Deluxe Case for NexStar 8, 9, 11" OTAs

This is one of the best telescope cases from Celestron for NexStar 8/9.25/11″ Optical Tube.

It has a hard shell exterior case with dense interior padding to safely transport an 8, 9.25, or 11-inch NexStar optical tube assembly.

The case is EVA molded to protect your telescope with a hard yet flexible shell. Inside there is 1.5-Inch thick foam padding along all walls and above the accessory pouch, and two dense foam spacers, for all-over protection.  

There is a compression strap to hold your OTA stable. The case also comes with a convenient storage zipper pocket that holds all of your telescope’s standard accessories with room to expand.

There is plenty of space available inside (66 x 35.56 x 30.48cm) so you can fit larger devices too. 

The large storage space also makes the carry case significantly larger too, like a suitcase, and it’s quite heavy (8.1kg). However, the weight shouldn’t be an issue as the case does have wheels and a handle to pull it along with.

5. Orion 15164 Padded Telescope Case

This is a high-quality bag to protect your expensive optical instrument. It is heavy-duty on the outside and fully padded for protection on the inside.

This telescope carry bag is made of rugged, water-resistant polyester and nylon materials. It can hold up in travel to harsher environments.

The interior is soft and separated into two compartments for scope and tripod with a thick pad to prevent damage.

It features a full-length zipper that makes it easy to access your telescope.

Due to the longer design of the bag, this padded bag will be able to accommodate a telescope as large as 8 inches (plus the tripod). 

Orion soft padded telescope case is comfortable to carry, forgiving of bumps and bruises, and more space-efficient than boxy hard cases. 

This affordable padded telescope case is a smart buy for any budget-conscious telescope owner.

6. BagMate 30” Telescope Bag

An inexpensive yet quality padded bag designed to carry your telescope, tripod, mount, and all the accessories.

This one of the best telescope cases has durable shoulder straps and carry handles which makes transporting your telescope easy.

It holds the tube in an internal, padded sleeve. The case has room for the tripod and mount too.

The external pockets can be used to store the eyepieces and other accessories.

Moreover, it even comes with a drawstring accessory pouch.

A sturdy full-length zipper includes internal dividers and straps to protect and keep everything in place.

This affordable telescope carry bag is made from water-resistant polyester fabric that will ensure your telescope’s safety whether you’re camping, or hiking even in the rain.

This durable multi-purpose telescope carry-case provides complete protection with military-grade materials, including shock-absorbing foam on both the side and bottom. 

Moreover, it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

7. Red Fox Telescope Bag

The Red Fox padded telescope bag keeps your equipment safe while you’re on the go or just storing your gear safely at home. 

The sleek, stylish-looking black telescope carrying case is constructed of strong, water-resistant nylon with padding sewn into the inner case lining on all sides, the bag cushions and protects your fragile gadgets and instruments.

It also comes with five well-constructed smaller cases in a variety of shapes and sizes to safely house your accessories and keep all your equipment organized.

You can wall off your optical tube from your mount and tripod with the soft, padded divider to keep your tube separate and safe. The cushioned divider attaches to the bottom of the case with self-stick material. The divider’s shape can be adjusted and is also completely removable.

Four adjustable straps attached inside the case’s bottom allow you to tightly secure your optical tube and tripod, keeping the telescope parts snugly in place.

The case features an adjustable shoulder strap as well as two hand straps that can be secured with a self-stick closure, making the bag easy to grip and transport.

The bag has an external 13” x 8.5” zipper pocket, perfect for carrying instruction manuals or other odds and ends you might need to reach for frequently.

This telescope carry bag is 29.7” long x 10” wide x 9.5” high which makes it capable of fitting the Orion 09798, Celestron 31045, Celestron 127EQ Powerseeker, and other similarly sized models.

Tips to Pack Your Telescope in a Case

Telescopes are far more susceptible to damage whether it be the exterior scratched, moisture damaging the internals, or dust scratching the mirror/lens on your device.

That’s why in an ideal situation to preserve the quality of your telescope there are a few steps you should take before packing it for traveling.

After the components have acclimatized to the room’s temperature the next thing you’d want to do is place dust caps on the lens to minimize the amount of dust build-up.

After this, you’ll want to protect it using a covering or a hard case with a foam inner lining if you’ve got that available. Ideally, you’d want to separate the mount from the tube.

After you’ve separated the 2 main components, make sure that your tube should be placed either fully horizontally or vertically in the case in order to minimize the amount of stress and weight on the focusing lens due to the mirror/lenses weight on it.

Your telescope accessories should ideally be placed in the vicinity next to your device, within a case if possible for safety and of course for convenience so you can quickly find them.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a carry case for your accessories, the next best thing do to would be to place each item in a bag that can be sealed in order to protect them from dust and bugs for example.


I hope this article helped you choose your best telescope case that will ensure the safety of your expensive instrument. 

Since you paid good money for your telescope and accessories, you must do everything in your power to keep your investment safe and free from any damage.

All the fully padded telescope cases that are reviewed in this article provide great protection for your instrument and are a convenient way to carry and store it.

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