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Best Camera & Smartphone Adapters For Telescopes 2024

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If you’re looking for the best camera or smartphone adapters for telescopes to take beautiful pictures of the night sky, then you have landed on the right page.

Camera adapters are a simple, yet crucial component for optimal astrophotography results. They safely connect an SLR camera to your telescope and can help you achieve the correct back focus for your imaging system. 

This ensures that whatever is visible will be captured by the camera.

These adapters can range from T-rings, T-adapters, SLR camera adapters, or even adapters capable of mounting your smartphone to a telescope.

The smartphone adapters are clamped onto the eyepiece of the telescope and they hold your phone in place so that the phone’s camera is located behind the eyepiece. 

I have divided this article into two sections:

1) Best Camera Adapters For Telescopes – This section will typically cover the adapters that you may need to fix your DSLR or any other camera to the mount of your telescope.

2) Best Smartphone Adapters For Telescopes – If you’re looking to use your iPhone/Android smartphone to take pictures of the celestial bodies, then you may jump straight to this section.

1. Best Camera Adapters For Telescopes

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2. Best Smartphone Adapters For Telescopes

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Telescope Camera Adapter Reviews

1. SVBONY T2 T Ring Adapter & T Adapter

This versatile and sturdy camera adapter is best for you if you have a Canon EOS, Rebel SLR, or DSLR Cameras.

Its Universal T adapter fits all standard 1.25″ diameter telescopes.

2. Astromania Extendable Camera Adapter

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