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Author Bio - AMIT GUPTA


My name’s Amit, and The Big Bang Optics is my astronomy blog.

I should clear up from the get-go that I am no astronomy expert! But, I have been a practicing fan of astronomy since my childhood.

I still have vivid memories of coming home from school aged about 10 and impressing my neighbors with my newfound ability to list (in the correct order, no less) the planets in our solar system.

The night sky first grabbed my attention as a child when a family friend pointed out the Orion constellation to me. 

These days I enjoy observing the night sky through my refractor and discussing the cosmos with my amateur astronomer friends. 

Quite frankly, I still look forward every year to that first glimpse of Orion in the winter sky.

In my free time, I am a hobbyist mechanical engineer, I love to travel and especially enjoy hiking and camping.